Blog2007 ≫ Bless The Boot

Bless the boot1, come on England. Really looking forward to this tomorrow, like every other part time England fan. I would not say we have a chance really, but you never know. Personally I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a food poisoning outbreak at the South African hotel.

One of the things I like most about the big sporting events are the fancy dressers in the crowd, though this from BBC's final countdown smacks a bit of racism:

It's official, final weekend has gone mental. I've just seen four Zulu-era Redcoats walk off a Eurostar at Gare Du Nord accompanied by a Zulu with a bone through his hair and wearing what appear to be Speedos.

Or am I being oversensitive?

You may recall my previous attempts to give blood2 and how each time I tried to give blood the goalposts (well the date and or venue) had been moved. Today I got there, the blood bus visited work, and I finally got to do my bit. My iron levels were high, and the pint I gave did not have a foaming head atop it, and I didn't faint or feel wibbly afterwards, so all is good so far. Will find out by post if my blood is rejected for some reason, otherwise I'll be back again in four months to offer another pint.

Speaking of pints, most likely off to Chambers tonight, but back home again in time to see QI, hopefully it'll be the one we went to see at last.

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