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Interview yesterday was good, but it's a small company and I'm still after more money than they can afford1 . It wis great to work on interesting projects, but I'm still holding out for a higher wage too right now, we have a mortgage and want a new house etc. Maybe in a few months when all the redundancy money has gone I'll be thinking differently... Weather yesterday was terrible, and again today, winter seems to have come on really quickly. Hoping tomorrow is good, we're off on a day's shopping in Maidstone for a change. Clare is shopping, I will be trying to reign her in anyway, and we'll be calling a ceasefire for a nice lunch somewhere. Anyway, here is a brief roundup of things.

Scrapping coursework sounds like a great idea to me. I was in the first year of GCSE's, and the only A grade I got was in the one subject with no coursework. So if it would have worked better for me, then I say do it:

GCSE coursework has become "less valid" and should be scrapped in several subjects, the exams watchdog has said.

A Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) report says coursework "does not fulfil its stated purpose" in an age of league tables and targets.

Amid concerns about cheating, it was announced last week that maths coursework will be scrapped next year.

It should also end in subjects such as English literature and the humanities, or be more controlled, the QCA says.

It sounds to me like they're not just worried about parents doing kids work for them, but teachers manipulating marks so as to get better results for the schools to me. What a carry on...

Anna Friel2, what on earth were you up to in yesterday's papers? You'll catch your death!

RUBBISH feature on supermarket packaging3 on BBC Breakfast today, obviously supermarkets use too much packaging, so what can we do about this? Use recyclable / compostable / less packaging, obviously. Whose idea was it to get a representative of Smart packaging4 on to go on and on and on about a new super plastic they've made that makes food taste nicer? It wasn't relevant at all, why not someone talking about supermarkets that are doing something to cut down on waste? What a balls up...

Folkestone made it into Popbitch5 again, that's good isn't it? I wonder if I can get this craze for jumping videos a mention6?

Bah, got a "green light" on my Asylum torrent7 (that's the elusive comedy show starring Simon Pegg and everyone who's cool from comedy today) for the first time ever, and still got zero download speed... this means the only people who are sharing online only have the same bits of the file that I do. Just fired up bittorrent again to download Ubuntu89 at last, for the broken computer that I brought back to life.

Oops, broke Folkestone gigs for a bit there, fixed now.

20k: Twenty kilometres, about twelve miles.

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