Blog2004 ≫ End of an era

Now we've moved to Farringdon Road, I don't think there's any good reason for me to get the 106 again. So I'll say goodbye to it, I think the service must have improved in the 18 months I've been getting it, since I doubt I've got easier to please in that time. Farewell 106, hello 243. Seems like it will be quite a trudging journey into work, though at least I just sit on the one bus, no tubes, and not much walking.

My new bugbear is likely to be the complete absence of cashpoints in Farringdon. Why are there none? It's rubbish, I was queued for about 20 minutes to use the only one around.

Also, ooh, The Fighting Cocks are playing a gig next Friday, at Gossips, in Soho. We're in town for a wedding the next day, so I might well make it along! And who let Goldie Lookin' Chain into the top ten? Guns / Rappers / Lyrics, now heavily corrected...

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