Blog2009 ≫ Ate the seven bird vegan roast

It was good, now I have to make another...

Mmm. Was quite good, the aubergine round the outside was overdone though and went a bit crispy. Nnot what I would expect of aubergine, it was cut quite thin though. The best bit was the garlic permeating through the brussel sprout. So, I have to make another one in time for Friday, and want a sauce to go with it. I also got some big mushrooms though so I might just stuff them with aubergine and things.


I should have taken a photo when it was cooked, but I ate it too fast. Made a mountain of roast potatoes and other veg to go with that which we still have some left of for today.

In less savoury news, the boy is a bit sick today, made a doctor's appointment for him because he has a temperature again today and a clearly dicky tummy. Fingers crossed this clears up quickly and he doesn't pass it on to other people for christmas. He's done three nights now without his 10.30 feed, going right through from 7.30 or so until morning. Last two days it's been gone 8am but this morning he was grumbling at about 7.15, probably because he wasn't feeling good.

They're all having mince pies and mulled wine today at work, and then tomorrow is a free day off. Glad I joined mine up with a bit of extra holiday to make the whole week. Have not actually done anything constructive with it, DIY jobs remain undone (those that did not involve duck tape anyway) but I have spent lots of time with the boy. Probably what's made him sick...

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