Blog2012 ≫ Done my lunchtime walk

Only 1.5k today - 1.5km that is, as opposed to the 1k of code that this speech synthesizer1 is written in. Clever stuff. I am also liking javascript motion tracking2 via Kosso. Even if I can think of a practical use for it I'm unlikely to have the time to develop. Would be lovely to come up with some AR project.

Sorry if it looks like I'm repeating myself but I wanted to chuck some of these links up on the blog, and that has now reposted them back to the google plus.

All I have to do this afternoon is replace all of our websites at work with a handful of nodejs, and then I'm good to go.

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles to you.

Node: Js (programming language of the web) on the server side.

javascript: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I earn a wage.

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