Blog2018 ≫ Practically a triathlon

Doing an actual triathlon today - 5k run this morning, then cycling, then swimming...

Bit of a slow run, but my first 6am one for over a week. Then cycled to work, as the beetle is still not driveable. Actually only cycled to the other side of Hythe, stash the bike at the RHDR light railway and get a lift up the hill from a workmate. Still a 7k round trip. I need to arrange a lift back down the hill again. Final prong of my triathlon is swimming. Only taking thing two for his lesson, no actual swimming myself, but still I get quite a work out hurrying him into the car and getting him changed and things. Where is my medal?

PTA meeting last night, it's all go. Our co-chair or vice-chair or something resigned, not sure what has gone on there. They had just organised a very successful bingo night, raised a load of money for the school and then quit the next day.

Just been reminded it is the shareholders meeting this afternoon, this means canapes and wine while everyone else is working, nice! It does include all the new shareholders who bought in on the share save scheme so there will be a lot of us, and it won't feel as exclusive as it once did. I will not actually be drinking the wine, going to cut down in the week in the run up to christmas...

5k: Five km, about three miles in old money.

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