Blog2024 ≫ Still fascinated with what is going on at Bar Vasa

Bar Vasa again, I am fascinated with what is going on. As I reported before, they have bricked up the huge windows upstairs but now they are also building the balconies out with bricks downstairs. Smaller windows more floor space. Why did they not do this at the beginning? My theory last time still stands that upstairs is about planning permission, in a conservation area. Maybe the downstairs changes are about generating slightly more square metre-age and so more profit.

Bar Vasa now, work still ongoing

Also on property I ran past a place yesterday that is up for sale, and I like it. But it's nearly one and a half million quid. It's a terrace, only four beds but looks big even though it is skinny. Right on the seafront.

The skinny one in the middle is for sale, £1.4M

At £1.4M I am only about £1.399M short. Even if we won the top premium bonds prize this month and sold this place I don't think we could have it.

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