Up to the Elis and John Podcast with me on it

Up to the Elis and John Podcast with me on it

I'm out of sync with the Elis James and John Robins podcasts- I went back to the beginning and have been listening to them in order. Just got up to episode 237 which is the one where they read out my email about meeting John Deacon from Queen at a Popbitch party. John Robins sounded impressed.

Working from home again today, very cold again. Was super cold on my ride home yesterday, but at least not windy. Today I have walked a bit at lunch, but no run, and don't think I will tomorrow either, so that will be another week's gap between park runs. No practice run, just straight out there on Saturday morning. It will be fine.

No update on Nan, she is much the same.

Day ten of not drinking, though I have eaten quite a lot of biscuits today. Weekdays of "not drinking" hardly count, ideally I'd only be boozing at the weekends anyway.

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Thu Jan 10 2019