Blog2010 ≫ Busy at work today

This is probably exactly what the blitz was like

Ongoing volcano stuff means a lot more calls in to work than normal, so everyone's chipping in. I haven't been answering calls myself but have been responding to customer emails instead of just keeping my head down in my little programmers bubble. It's been hectic, but nice. The blitz was probably exactly like this, except that work bought everyone pizza for lunch. This almost certainly didn't happen in the war.

The family caught up in this are on their way back, their alternative transport was super busy and delayed but they're on their way. They might call in to Gatwick and pick up their own car, saving me a trip tomorrow, nice. It's all about me.

Watched the debate last night, Nick Clegg stormed it. Was surprised how badly David Cameron came across, I would have thought in an arena of shiny presentation like that he'd have done well, but no. Good!

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