Blog2005 ≫ Oh my, back at last

Cron job to resize all my pictures seems to have caused havoc, so closed my account! All back now...

Very productive weekend I think, sorted out a little overpayment on my mortgage, which I've been meaning to do for a while. Apparently paying a pound extra a month will knock about 15 years off the repayment term! Well, it's definitely something like that. Got round to returning the Children of the Tsunami tickets for the gig that was cancelled, and also changed my address with my bank. Paid off the scaffolder, and as the remote control all works on the new fire, I paid off too. AND, a job I'd been slightly fearing for a while, The Suits For The Wedding... I think I have found something, so all that's left now is to confirm and then get everyone to phone their measurements in... Best Man, what was it you said about pink?

Disappointing weekend food wise really, had a crap pizza in Pizza Express in Canterbury (but I did drive there, so quite an achievement in itself), and then another crap meal in Folkestone!

Saw our new table, it's nice. But it's heavy. Who will help me carry it up the stairs?

Found another property site today, much like the others I looked at a few weeks ago features Land Registry2 house prices. Unlike them, it's free! So I will check out house prices down our street. Maybe.

More pictures, of snow and things, when I get in tonight. Saw a lot of snow, but leaving Folkestone this morning was a real bind, just because it was so sunny and spring like there...

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