Blog2006 ≫ It's good to be back, it's good to be back

Thankyou for the concerned phonecalls and emails and texts, I am all OK, just had a few days away from work and the computer with a bad back, too much housework I reckon. Gave me a nice relaxing time in front of the TV though.

Before all that, let me take you back, to Saturday, when I was fit and well and out and about, and last time we spoke I was threatening to head down town. We did head down town, on a quest to find a new bar and generally see the "developing" part of town in the safety of daylight. Read my roundup if you like.

Cooked more cabbage soup while I was off, and watched the end of the golf. This was a very good result indeed, I won 50 quid in the commuters sweepstake!

Had some bad news while I was away, a death in the family, my uncle (mum's cousin's husband, we're a sprawling tribe) Ian. He'd been knocked out by cancer and it wasn't really unexpected, but the timing's shit. Thoughts obviously with all the family.

Back to techy stuff. Got some suspicious blank messages posted from replying to my posts about javascript, ajax, and foaf - suspect it's a set up for a mass posting exercise, so I have hopefully blocked that domain.

Hmm work and things to catch up on.

js: Programming language of the web, mostly how I earn a wage.

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