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the Zone 2 place at the moment is New's the only place artists can afford to rent studio space any more. this is not a surprise as the place is dodge as fuck.

i always judge whether or not i like a place based on how many beer monsters i encounter on a night out. sadly, as soon as a few articles come out about 'x' place, they all flock lke sheep...i think hoxton square has been ruined by them :o(

anyway, my view is there isnt anywhere proper cool in london anymore, and it's all about breaking trends. i think it's time for camden to become fashionable again! i also think it's about time docklands got some proper's better than it used to be, but on the main canary wharf development, it's still mainly chain bars/restaurants which is a shame. saying that, maybe anything more would be wasted on the soulless morons that work/live there.


💬 I lived in New Cross for three years

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