Blog2006 ≫ What was I going to say?

Was busy when I came in this morning so I have forgotten the things I had lined up for today's "entry". Perhaps it was a gripe about the quality of signal from our new sky freesat1 box - it was far worse than the signal we're getting via the inbuilt freeview box and the bent coathanger aerial, which is not a good thing at all. Had a bit of a fiddle with the settings, made the sky box put out a 16:9 picture etc and things are good now, but I was worried for a while. Going to check out some new leads too, see if I can make things even better.

THAT'S IT, got an "example timetable" given to us at the train station this morning, regarding the high speed rail link that's lined up for Folkestone - London... It's a bit trainspottery but have a look at this and compare it to the one hour forty journey we're doing right now:

Dover Priory 7.48 Folkestone Central 8.00 Folkestone West Parkway 8.03 Sandling 8.09 Ashford International 8.21 Ebbsfleet 8.42 Stratford 8.50 London St Pancras 8.57

57 minutes for us into the nearest mainline station to my office, that'll be nice. Not that this timetable is guaranteed, nor that I'm sure to be working in the same place when this goes live in 3 years or whenever... Poor old Westenhanger, they will miss out on the new service, but to be honest they're not at all far from Sandling, I'd have missed them off the service too. Serving both Folkestone Central and Folkestone West is an odd one too, surely they ought to upgrade one of the stations and close the other, maybe running another bus between them. Exciting times anyway, move to Folkestone now!

Also more things, I got a GENUINE email from Ebay2, they want me to be a special friend of theirs as I am sending quite a lot of business there way, AND The BBC want me to write a piece about Folkestone for Might do something to replace their beach page I got pulled the other day, or maybe something about local gig history; the guy who put Radiohead on at The Penny Theatre has been in touch - maybe I can start campaigning for a blue plaque?

I am getting an email attachment like this every time a car goes past my house, as I left my camera pointed out the window3 with motion detect on, it's a 5 second windows media video file... my inbox is filling up!

Very busy at work right now with things, that's good, everyone seems to be asking my opinion and including me in things right now. Hope it's not the preliminary stages of hoofing me out...

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