Blog2005 ≫ Lovely weekend, thanks for asking

Had a few beers on Friday night in The Coal Hole on The Strand, a few more more than the one I intended, but great to see people. Was running late (having put the popex redesign mostly live), so had to get a cab there from work. It's stupid but I felt quite the Burlington Bertie getting a cab to the Strand, instead of my usual end of day routine of a head down march to the station. Got the train home quite squiffy and read quite a lot of my book, which means I'll need to read all that again I expect... thought we were stopped at Folkestone West station so started to put my things away ready to get off at the next stop, but NO! We were at Folkestone Central, and I had to leap out of the closing doors so as not to end up in Dover for the night... Went and met Clare and Jenny in La Vue, because I was otherwise LOCKED OUT! Then went home and watched Madagascar1 and had a few more beers. Beers were good, Madagascar less so, there's a surprise. SHOPPED HARD Saturday, got a wardrobe, a tallboy (chest of drawers) and a couple of massive oak bookcases that we have to wait months to be delivered... Pleased with what we picked out though. Then a couple of pints in Chambers, where it was very nice and very busy, not been going there enough recently. Then we went to the New Delhi.

Yesterday did groceries and housework and seeing of the inlaws and watched all the episodes of LOST that I'd missed recently. Really nice and relaxing. So glad to be back at work today...

Found our new bookcases on the internets2, here they are:

John Lewis book cases

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