Blog2011 ≫ Woke up feeling refreshed

overslept hugely, but still...

Woke up VERY LATE INDEED, but refreshed. the boy has run off with our alarm clock, I assume it's gone in a bin somewhere. Second alarm clock is Clare's phone, which seems not to have gone off, perhaps because it was plugged in to the laptop charging. Third alarm clock is Clare's old phone, which is now my current phone, which was downstairs in my coat pocket. Good job I wasn't in a hurry this morning, OH WAIT, I was meant to be in London. So came in to the office instead. Have probably got more done here than I would have done there, particularly including the commuting time, but the downside now is I have to provide my own lunch. Have been working with the rest of the team via Skype which is working quite well today.

Still planning on going live on this big new super project tomorrow, pretty exciting stuff.

Clare took the car for MOT today (the old one ran out in October, oops) and luckily it passed first time. I thought they always failed on something. Nice one Zanchi Motors, Dover Road, Folkestone, I recommend you!

Bad back has been mostly sorted out with generic ibuprofen and a good night's sleep.

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