Blog2010 ≫ House contract is signed

We can't really move within the week though can we?

Went to the solicitor's and signed the contracts on the new house. I hoped this was the last thing we'd have to do, even though he is still waiting on some info from the awfully slow management company for the estate. Not pleased about there having to be a management company at all, I hoped to have got rid of all that by moving from a flat to a house, but the new house is on an unadopted road, so there is maintenance to be done on the road and verges and so on. Not a lot to pay out, but there still could be lumps of cash demanded in the future I suppose. Anyway, that's it all done so I was expecting we have a completion date soon but I did not expect it to be quite so soon - the solicitor has suggested Wednesday! This is not entirely practical, we have to pack up and arrange removals, which we have not been able to do yet as no-one has been able to give us any estimate of dates so far. It's a shame for our buyer as they have been ready for ages, but we need a bit of notice and then can't do it for two weeks as everyone we know is on holiday, so I think our moving date will be the 20th of August. Can't wait!

Been in Ruby on Rails training all day, interesting and good, I may try and rewrite this blog in it, as it would be quite easy. Or just do some other kind of exercise, as I have started to get things how I want them with the php now. Not sure how I can apply what I have learned to work at all.

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