Blog2009 ≫ Slumber bear has been dispatched

Hope this is not hitman slang...

Hope this is not hitman slang and that it means Slumber Bear1 is on his way. Probably it's too late to be tricking the boy with somethign like this, he's just about two weeks old now.

Had a great few hours in the middle of the day, paid a surprise visit to my Mum for her birthday, and we had lunch round my sister's and saw some other family too. Shame it was such a flying visit, and more of a shame that it was sandwiched between two drives of nearly four hours. Should be less than two each way in theory, but with feeding and nappy change stops (which have only got more frequent since the boy arrived) and a big accident on the M25 / M26 that nearly stopped us completely, it turned into quite an epic journey.

Still, home now. Just in time to change another nappy and then go to bed, ready for being back at work tomorrow :-(

Oh yeah, happy fathers day to Dad, and happy fathers day to me too!

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