Blog2007 ≫ A festive update from Hibbett

Hmm, this newsletter is called "The Last Working Day Of The Month" (from one of his songs), but he's practically a civil servant and finished work for the year a week ago at least, I'm still working...

welcome to this SUPER CHRISTMASSY edition of our monthly newsletter, let's do it quick and GET TO THE PUB!


This month I shall be bringing festive cheer to the following places:

[s]Saturday December 22 - Fox & Firkin, London (GIG 60! On first supporting JD & The Longfellows)[/s] you've missed this one

Tuesday January 22 - The Lamb, London (First Totally Acoustic night of 2008!)

Saturday January 26 - The Fishtank, Durham (With Pete Green and Man Is Slapped.)

Check for further details.


It's been a month of GRATE gigs, all with The Validators, all with GRATE bands to play with. We kicked off in Birmingham with The Icicles and Winston Echo - Frankie had train doom, Ray The Promoter got hassled by The Man, but the rest of us had a LOVELY time. Next the Cleator Moor Validators had one of the best gigs of the year, with the 10p Mixes and The Deirdres in Sheffield, and we finished off with Horowitz, The Deirdres again, and some MINCE PIES in Stoke on another SMASHING night, helped along its festive way by the semi-annual VALIDATORS' CURRY.

Fifty nine down, one to go!


Two Christmas Albums for you this month - first up, our song "The Advent Calendar Of FACT" appears on Cherryade's "A Very Cherry Christmas (volume 3)" along with The Bobby McGees, The Gresham Flyers, The Deirdres and many other TOP COMBOS. It's available from Meanwhile our cover of "Songs About You" by The Language Of Flowers has just come out on the PopArt "Covered At Christmas" compilation. It's a download album available from, and it's all in aid of St Mungo's. There's also my JAZZ version of "Little Donkey" available TONIGHT ONLY to the first 50 people who turn up to Don't Start Feeling All Romantic in Nottingham - RARITIES AHOY!


Carrying on from last month, we're still SLASHING (slashing!) prices over in the online shop4, and I'm keeping on keeping on with "My Exciting Life In ROCK" articles for the PopArt Digest. Meanwhile, plans are afoot to re-start sessions for the NEXT album, and there's even a couple of new songs emerging to slip onto it.

And that's the lot - all that's left is to say thanks very much to everyone who's put us on this year, or been to a gig, or bought a record, or been to look at the blog5, or sat and read through any of these messages. As I always say, we're not in this for the money (luckily), we're here for the fun and - HEY! - the love of it, so thanks VERY much for supplying us with so much of BOTH. Have a fantastic Christmas and see you in the New Year for a freshly baked slice of ROCK!



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