Blog2010 ≫ Nothing to say today

I'll try though...

Been a bit busy, so no skiving off to watch the football today. I did watch England just about win yesterday, missed the goal. It did make the afternoon go quickly not stopping for lunch until 4pm. Have seen bits and pieces like Italy going out, out of the corner of my eye while working as we have big screens up at work. I only saw the marathon tennis match where John Isner eventually beat Nicolas Mahut 70-68 in the final set of the multi-day first round Wimbledon match. Yeah I know you know all about it but I'm adding detail here for when I'm reading this back as an old man. An even older man.

Isner outlasted Frenchman Mahut to win 6-4 3-6 6-7 (7-9) 7-6 (7-3) 70-68 in the longest match in history, taking 11 hours and five minutes over three days.

Clare's gone out with the girls tonight, for a meal in Elham. Little one was not keen to go down to sleep, he cried and cried. I had to go back in, and he was fine while I was holding him, but try and put him in the cot and he wailed and coughed for attention. I had to leave him there in the end, heartbreaking stuff.

Watching Lennon Naked with Christopher Eccleston. He is in it, he's not here. It's quite good.

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