Blog2008 ≫ Connections between Lost and The Office

Looking for the new episode, there are a few fakers out there. Looking on lostpedia1 for air times, it says the Americans only get episode two today, though Canada gets episode three, and Sky gets episode three on Sunday too. Didn't think much of episode two, literally parachuting a load of new characters all with outrageous back stories onto the island just introduces more questions.

Found this page of Office / Lost crossovers2, which includes some real gems, including

The British Version of The Office ended in 2003, one year before Lost premiered. Therefor it would be impossible for them to make references to Lost.

Locke worked in an office at one point.

There was only one thing that might have been a reference from Lost to The Office as far as I can see, when Charlie's girlfriend, Lucy, said that her dad was away looking to buy a paper company in Slough.

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