Blog2004 ≫ Secret Franz Ferdinand gig

Writing the number one Stoke Newington website, and sharing an office with their manager, obviously I knew all about this secret gig1 in Newington Green last night... err... According to nme.com2 "Franz turned up at the Mildmay Social Club in Stoke Newington last night (December 15) for an unannounced set. The group played under the name Velvet Touch".

My bloody Tears tickets haven't shown up yet. Or they have shown up, when there was no-one here, and the courier's gone again... Does having to sign for letters / packages work smoothly for anyone? It certainly doesn't for me, the post never ever arrives in London until after everyone's gone to work... it can hardly be worth this delivery company's while taking on ticket delivering jobs like this, they can only be charging a fiver or so and they've had to make three deliveries so far.

Don't know what to do if the tickets don't show.

Am also exhausted today, helped to carry in a huge delivery of booze for our party tomorrow, it was like the old days bottling up at The Harbour Lights, my first job...

💬 Just spoken to Special Mail

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