Blog2018 ≫ Clare has broken down on the way to work

Strange one, car cut out at the lights with some computer fault. AA are on the way. Car got moving again but it's saying "fix me" or something on the display so something needs doing... I hope the AA won't charge for this as she's actualy not that far from home. Luckily was not on the A20 yet.

It's beatiful and sunny here but still really cold. Have walked the boys to school, with their extra sports bags, though fully expecting the clubs to be cancelled tonight. Tonight's "bed time story" at the school that the boys were looking forward to has already been cancelled. It was all part of book week. Speaking of which we are still waiting on wigs to arrive as part of their costumes, they are surely held up by snow. We have a back up plan but it involves getting to a shop today. And now Clare has no car... I think I am going to take a last minute day off today, as I have an hour out to go to the dentist later anyway

💬 AA say it's the third identical callout today

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