Blog2009 ≫ Twelve hours plus uninterrupted sleep

(the boy, not me)

A landmark night last night, we stopped the boy's 10.30 feed, so he slept through from 7.30 or so to gone 8am this morning, result.

Great weekend, Mum and Dad visited yesterday delivering christmas presents. Think they picked the right day, Saturday and today saw monster road closures because of the snow but they were lucky inbetween.

A day off todya, I'm off work until after christmas now. Clare was round Dom's cooking christmas food all day, so me and the boy were in alone. He fell asleep on my lap watching TV this afternoon, which never normally happens in the day (because I am at work).

Pretty sure I'll be back on the blog between now and the day, but in case I'm not, merry christmas all.

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