Blog2004 ≫ Another boiler!

Lots of things I could do today, but it's hot again in the office, and I feel that's going to be a distraction... got to feed popex with chart info, this is normally a task for monday, but the ongoing problems have slowed me down a lot... nice to come in this morning and find the beast is still up - no, wait, the beast is the name of the popex server, I wasn't being smutty.

Got lots of work still to do for Barfly too, changing the style of their e-shot so it looks like the new site. Also going to do some general computer investigating, see about changing my robots.txt file to stop MSN coming back every day and being a drain on my bandwidth, they're indexing 1500 pages a day right now... Also want to find out a bit more about Flash Mobs, I thought this craze had quickly passed, but there's a spontaneous dancing thing planned for Charing Cross station soon and I just heard Christian O'Connell arranging something in Soho Square tomorrow... that sounds more of a hastily cobbled roadshow than a flash mob though...

And finally got to vote today! English weblogs are far less political than American ones aren't they, Casino Avenue being a bit of a worldly wise exception, I don't think I'll even tell you how I'm voting.

Hmm, a chum who's seen them several times says The Others are shit, I must find out for sure.

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