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I like This guys rant about his spark plugs, via Apart from that, I don't find spontaneous street crime that funny right now, got a bit of a slap trying to stop one group of youths beating on another group of youths last week. No, I will never attempt to help out again.

Got a couple of video tapes of the missing episodes of 24, we like that, it will make up for no more Buffy for today... Also it's a very nice sunny day, kind of a shame to be shut indoors. Hopefully this is a sign that I am over my temporary agorophobia. Watched League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and American Pie 2 yesterday, both alright, Pie funny but more sentimental and girlie than I'd have thought, and League not as crap as I'd thought. And yes, I have the comic.

Another suspicious spot of Elijah Wood in, there's been one in every publication that runs such things (apart from Stalking Heads), I'm beginning to think these are cunningly planted by the movie press crew...

Hmm the new belle de jour says Inspector Sands, I thought that was hot abercrombie chick?

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