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My Year 4 wrote a story for his homework this week, the theme was "a walk" and he had to practice all the points of grammar they have been working with. So here it is:

Just last week, there were five lego mini-figures playing using Marble Run as a helter-skelter. One of them was a speedy ninja, one was a brave knight, the third was an intrepid aqua diver and fourth was Harry Potter and last was Spiderman. They all have a competition on the helter-skelter and Jay the ninja keeps winning. "This is humiliating" says Spiderman. The knight says "I'm bored, let's go outside for the first time". "No we can't we're lego figures and look at it outside, it's not sunny is it?" Jay reasons. Then the knight says "Well, let's have a vote" and going outside is four to one so they decide to go outside. "Woah so this is what it's like to be outside" says Spiderman. It's the middle of Spring,but there is an April shower. "It's freezing" Jay shivered. "What are these big globules of water dropping from the sky?" Harry questions. "I don't know we'd better dodge them" advises Spiderman and so they set off down the long twisty pavement. "This is all going well, come on" says the knight "No look out" says Jay as black sticky tyres whizz past them throwing them into a cactus. There was a bike ridden by a human on the pavement. "Wow what was that" says Jay picking spikes out of his bottom. "Let's go home" says spiderman "No" says the knight "We'll be fine".

They carry on on they go and then suddenly a silvery flying thing branches out giant wings and flies towards them and picks spidey up in its sharp beak. Then the knight tries to attack the bird and scare it off and suddenly the bird drops spiderman and he lands in a crumpled heap. Then the bird flies off in a hurry. The knight yells "told you I could do it" and then Jay quivers "actually" and points behind the knight. "Er...act-u-ally.." whispers Jay, pointing a quivering finger over the Knight's shoulder. Standing behind him is a giant cat. They all sprint away, screaming in panic.

"Where to?" says the knight "Shall we go down this hole?" suggests the aqua diver pointing to a gridded drain looking like a big black pit. "I know a thing or two about them." "How deep is it?" asks Jay. "I don't know, just jump!" yells Harry Potter. They all jump quickly into the deep drain to escape from the prowling cat. "Whew, we're safe from that stinking cat" says Jay full of relief. Then they hear a loud rustling noise coming from the end of the drain. "What's that" asks Jay "Just a crunchy crisp packet I guess" says the knight knowledgeably. "Get off my leg" complains Harry "I'm not touching your leg" replies Spiderman "Then who is" yelled Harry in panic. Then Jay sees eight gleaming eyes glistening in the dark. Then suddenly the creature is revealed. It is a spider. "Monster" yells Jay. "Hey" yells spidey "I can help" he sticks webs to the gothic roof and allows them all to swing up from the drain. "Uh" says the knight "That was the final straw. Let's go home". They rush home quickly eager to get in to the toy box. "Finally we're home" says Jay sounding sounding relieved, while Harry tries to open the door. "And guess what" says the aqua diver "The people have gone out, the door is locked". They all run around in panic. "But don't you remember" says Spidey "People usually leave keys under the plant pots or doormats so let's look under the doormat". Then the aqua diver checks under the mat, then says "Look there's a key but how are we going to get it up into the lock" "I know" says Harry. He remembers being taught a clever charm so he casts a spell. "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" Harry levitates the golden key into the silver lock. "Wehe we're home" yells Jay as he jumps into the toy box. "Never again" says the knight grumpily. "Err, marble run helter skelter anyone?" says Jay hopefully.

The End

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