Blog2010 ≫ Day five in the new house

Missed the bus today. Will get organised soon!

Strolling to work today I realised I had Clare's phone in my pocket, so had to run back to the house, so I missed my bus... any other time I could have carried on, but we have no landline yet so I could not let her know and she might be a bit stranded. So, Clare and the boy came with me to work today.

Phone and broadband are being turned on today, and our new dining table is being delivered. We did not have one in the flat, made do with a little table for two facing the TV, but now we have room for dinner guests... five or six years we were in the flat, being invited other places for dinner and we could never really return the favour. Now we can we have a backlog of dinners to make!

Amazingly I still have to seem some money left over, either I have forgotten to pay for something big, or I was overcautious in my estimates. Really hoping it is the latter. Clare has gone off with my bank card today though so I expect that excess will soon be sorted.

With @hpoom's help I am checking out digital tv reception in my area1, that will tell me how to adjust my TV aerial in order to get digital reception.

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