Blog2005 ≫ Google ups the stakes again

I've only just got into using javascript's XMLHttpRequest to do proper dynamic pageness, and I'm going to expand on that as it's worked pretty well in popex. If you want to see it working, go there, log in and type a band name or part of a name into the box. This sends off a request to "validate" that name, making sure it's something that is actually in popex. Well, I'm quite pleased with the work so far.

Anyway, not only have Gmail just introduced really snazzy "rich formatting" for emails, far more extensively than any forum has been able to do, they've just increased their storage limit. To infinity and beyond! Wow. Kind of wees all over Yahoo's attempts to keep up. Though The Guardian disagrees...

Woo, spent my last night in our Stokey flat, is it time to maybe change the URL of this blog? We're just about packed up, got a bag of random stuff with me at work today, and heading to Folkestone after work. Then tomorrow we pick up a van, and come back to Stoke Newington for the rest of our stuff. Then Monday morning I start commuting in properly, erk... Not really going to miss our Stokey flat, good luck renting it Brooks1, can you guess which one it is2?

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