Folkestone fringe

FG ≫ 2008 ≫ Folkestone fringe

at the leas lift, curated by club shepway:

this saturday and sunday cathy lomax and alex michon present l'estranger: where paranoid plup fiction drives out fact...

a dishevelled young stranger arrives at a coastal town. his clothes are strange and his face is unshaven.

who is he, why is he here? suspicion builds and the whispering becomes feverish: i hear he had to leave, her husband was after him, hes on the run. speculation about the mans history increases and heartbreakviolence, and murder are evoked. in the absence of evidence a conclusion is reached silently the man disappears.

l'etranger is about difference. its about fear of the unfamiliar, and the isolation of the outsider. its about how we make assumptions and invent our own stories. its about repeated fictions becoming fact. its about finding a scapegoat and getting away with it. its about disappearing and leaving questions unanswered.

but above all, at this time of political unease, intrigue and economic uncertainty l'etranger warns against the danger of moral certitude.

on the DIY fringe:

did you see lulu allison's intervention in the alleyway which joins rendezvous street and market place? after making the trip over from brighton, lulu worked to enhance some of the elements already present in the very busy walk way. view here if you missed this installation which lasted only 24 hours.

the dialouge with window peekers continue - get up to the bayle and look through no 13's window, recent additions add further intrigue to the communications with passersby.

tracey falcon's already reads after some minor attention, continues to nestle in the coastal park. beautifully constructed paper tree trunks stand against the elements bursting with stories and information, see map for location for a real must see.

coming up at the beach hut to round the festivities off:

on saturday the 13th and sunday 14th estelle rosenfeld presents ida and isaac's shelter:

ida and isaac will be reanimated on folkestone beach. these two 70cm tall rod puppets have turned a beach hut into a dolls house and are inviting you in for a unique 'one spectator show. it combines puppetry, art performance and visual art, and develops the event, ida on the beach, which appeared in the whitstable biennale, a local encounter.

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