Blog2018 ≫ Lovely lunch at the Pullman

We had a nice lunch today at The Pullman in Folkestone, though it was a little chaotic. They had us pre-order our food as we were a table of thirteen, but then they'd run out of some of the stuff we'd pre-ordered. Also they forgot a starter, aand a dessert, finally bringing one out after the person who'd ordered it had gone. But, the food was good. I had a falafel burger, Clare had something chickeny, there were roast dinners on the go too. I keep forgetting it is a good pub option, should maybe go there for an evening soon.

It's my turn to go out tonight, but the evening is going to be very short because we have to be back home again before the kids go to bed. YES, INTERESTINGLY DIFFERENT to the last two evenings when it was Clare's turn to go out and she stumbled in in the small hours each time.

We were planning to Go Ape tomorrow in Bedgebury but the weather doesn't look so good, so now probably cinema and bowling instead.

Keep forgetting I have the day off, only just remembered I left some work incomplete on Friday and that's going to annoy people in the morning.

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