Blog2011 ≫ Sorted out my banking

There's a job that has needed doing for a while. I have an ISA and a savings account, and because of the sneaky way banks work I have been getting no interest on either of them for a while. You open an account at one rate of interest, then after a year the bank drops the interest down to 0.1% and creates a new account with a better rate of interest. If you don't stay on top of things, call them up and ask for the new rate of interest, you don't get it. Nothing changes I don't think, I still have the same account numbers and sort codes and so on, but I just get the new rate of interest because I phoned up and asked for it. The bank takes the opportunity to check my details are the same, can they email me and phone me and text me with adverts (no thanks), and they credit checked me again, but apart from that, it's free money for a phone call.

We also went to Kidz Planet yesterday (Clare was working, so I had the day off), which is great, only three quid for the boy to run round and tire himself out. The rocket train was running, so he had two goes on that, but he didn't fully explore all the levels of excitement. This is good for me as he can be difficult to keep up with.

Last working day of the year today, woohoo. There are quite a few people in work actually, I thought it would be quiet.

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