Blog2007 ≫ Hot weekend

Had a good week, lots going on at work, including the aforementioned rowing trip and picnic meeting in Hythe, very nice, then also a Harry Potter themed barbecue at work (I'm still plodding through the audiobook1, don't tell me how it ends), and a pub lunch at Bar Vasa. Not sure this week was as productive as some.

Been to London this weekend for Clare's cousin's 30th birthday at Rumi Bar2 in Fulham3. Stayed in a nice hotel4 near Victoria, got a Wagamama dinner in and fed squirrels in St James Park. Fitted just about everything in then, though damn it was hot. Meant to do a bit of shopping today, but it was too hot on the streets, so we just came home.

Have been watching this book illustrated by Harry Clarke5, but the price has gone a bit high for me, 167 quid and rising.

Chilli for tea, and a DVD of Midsomer Murders, so just about everything is right with the world.

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