Blog2008 ≫ Good weekend, rubbish episode of Lost

Nice weekend, Emma was visiting, we sat about quite a lot, and went to Chambers (via a very brief look in at The Bank Bar) on the Saturday night. Did not eat out all weekend (cue "but if you don't eat owt you'll die!"), can't remember the last time I had all my meals at home on a weekend. Clare went for a girls only lunch to Escondido with Emma and Jenny, but I stayed home. Watched the rugby, that was all rubbish. Also watched Lost, rubbish too, mostly just a bit of a quiet one after last week's ace. Also watched Stardust1, it was OK, a children's film really though. Speaking of children, we also did our bit and babysat Sunday afternoon for all three nieces, the twins and the baby. That was lovely...

Gave blood2 at work this morning. Nice opportunity for a sit down and a free weak lemon drink anyway. Got a lift in this morning which was NICE with these monster storms, but not sure I am getting a lift home, so wore my waterproofs in today anyway.

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