Blog2018 ≫ Epic pub walk Friday

I did a fairly epic 27,000 steps on Friday, my best day just at home I think. Have done more on big trips out in London probably, but not much more.

I started with a run in the morning, the last day of week three of Couch To 5K. It's not a lot of running still and it's getting easier. And this was a great start to the day, I've done most of my day's step count before breakfast.

Was "project lounge" at work, our hack day. I moved a project over to our new continuous integration platform, which led to lots of knock on effects and slightly gave me the fear I would be running late. Planned to leave early for the pub because I'd had to work some last night. Payments started failing just as I was packing in work for the day. 1% of me thought it was something I had caused, so I had to hang around and investigate then had to see it through. But all good, turns out Mastercard had some outage. So was actually quite busy all Friday but still found time for a brief lunch with some walking, so well over my 10k by lunch. I pity the fools who invited me to a daily fitbit challenge today!

I left a bit later than planned but still early. Home for tea then walked into Hythe for a change with friend Sean from regular Friday night spot the Inn Doors. We were heading to the Three Mariners but stopped in The Hope on the way there for an average pint but a nice enough place. Three Mariners was better, then stopped in the Potting Shed on the way back for the first time in years. I think I had only been back in there once since the Inn Doors has been open. After that we decided to keep going and so walked on to the Inn Doors. A lovely evening all told, a lot of walking with a few drinks along the way.

5k: Five km, just over three miles in old money.

10k: Ten km, just over six miles to you. Sometimes talking about 10,000 steps though, an arbitrary daily step-count target.

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