Blog2018 ≫ Did I trick the GPS today?

6am run this morning, slightly different route. Ran straight out along Princes Parade, past the swimming pool, then turn around and straight back along Princes Parade. Now here is the clever bit, I keep running, don't turn into the petrol station and then stop the clock. Stop the clock on the straigh bit! I think my final 5k (a moving average always showing on the Fitbit) always goes up to 5'40 or so because of confusion curving around the garage. Today I stopped the clock on the straigh and my final 5k was four minutes something.

Haven't checked my final stats yet, they will appear here, but running in straight lines seems to be the key. They should do that for the fast running in professional sports races in the olympics and that. Don't cross the road and cut round the back of the garage, just do your 100m in a straight line.

Speaking of the garage, nearly some excitement from thing one yesterday, he had found out that there was a new bar and grill being opened in the old Raj Bari / Raj Villa / Little Chef at the bottom of the road! But no, it was just a big billboard thing in front of it for Marco Pierre White's new restaurant / grill in Folkestone that had been plastered across the abandoned building.

Back into work this morning, but no leaving early for the pub! Clare is going out tonight as I am up early and off out for the day tomorrow.

5k: Five kilometres, just over three miles in old money.

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