Blog2018 ≫ It really is drive your VW to work day

Stu from work did drive his van in, it's not a split screen as I thought but a 1967 Bay Window, so the earliest of the early bays. It's in lovely condition, same layout as mine was but just much nicer. Same Devon interior.

I drove our VW to work today, and everything went smoothly.

Not 100% about going to the Inn Doors tonight, as my friend I usually meet there is away with work. It's always a nice crowd, always someone to talk to so maybe. I am tempted to walk a bit further though, as a) we are on a Work Week Hustle, b) Clare thinks she is absolutley owning it, c) hmm yeah actually she has got today off, but d) I did 20000 steps yesterday and I don't think she has spotted this yet. If I walk to the Harbour Arm or something tonight instead, basically just keep walking and walking, I could be in with a chance.

We're going to Tenderden tomorrow for swimming. Oh yeah, swimming, I had to complain about thing two's lesson last night. It was a joke, there were only 3 kids in the pool, and two teachers. Each teacher seemed to take only one kid and he was just left on his own. I complained, one said he had to focus on this one kid as he was about to be moved up and then there would be more time to focus on everyone else. I call BULLSHIT, move this kid up and move other kids in to the class more like. Also the other teacher (not a regular teacher) said that our boy couldn't hear her and she couldn't shout so it's his fault. I am 99% convinced the kid she was teaching, new to the class that day, was a relative of hers, as I know she is the daughter of another teacher and I think a few of them are related. I didn't ask this and she didn't offer it, but I know it's true. I am not keen on that swimming club, I wish there was another option.

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