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Been forwarded something from Green Energy1 about a day of switching off applicances. I do try, maybe it would be cool to have a day in the dark ages. Hard to work, being a computer bod and all, and no-one would be reading my blog. Oh, they're suggesting just not leaving stuff on standby - I am good at this, I think. I might prepare a paper version for this event anyway, on the 23rd of this month:

Every year on 23 March, the World Meteorological Organization - a United Nations agency, uniting met services around the world - commemorates its formation with World Met. Day. The theme in 2005 is Weather, Climate, Water and Sustainable Development.

So we'd like to try and do something meaningful. We thought we'd ask you to turn off your TVs VCRs DVDs and computer monitors rather than leaving them on stand by for that day. Doing so will cut CO2 emissions at a stroke. If the UK did it year round on TVs alone, it would save around 3/4 million tonnes.

That's the equivalent of the weekly consumption of 13 million households

So forward this to just 3 friends to ask them to do the same to make even bigger savings! If they need a financial incentive consider this;

"Every year the UK spends 308 million by keeping televisions and videos on stand by."

Also the Met office is encouraging primary school activities to focus on renewable energy. As such we have partnered up with the National Schools Partnership2 to produce educational aids and to provide funding for schools through an affinity scheme when parents sign up for green energy.

It's in no one's interest to ignore climate change! Please join us to make a difference for world met day and pass this on.

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