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I already said on the Twitter but I don't mind repeating again here; I don't write code any more, I CAST SPELLS! The last thing that tickled me was the number of times I had to type "git push heroku master" which sounds like madness. My latest is "rake cucumber:wip". "Cucumber" is the name of some testing software, "rake" is "run all this ruby on rails stuff" and "wip" is short for work in progress, so that just means "run those automated tests that I have labelled wip".

Feeling good about automated testing today, now I've written my own tests from scratch and solved an issue that other people were struggling with.

Got a busy weekend lined up I think, Clare wants to go to Canterbury so I will try and get some christmas shopping done there. Then I have a tree to clean up in the back garden, that humungous buddleia crashed over and needs getting rid of. I will be back with photos of that. Then got the curtain poles and curtains that we bought last week to hang, and some general tidying tasks. Still got some painting jobs on the back burner, my new remote light switches to fit, some things to return to Maplin and I still need a solution for getting the Sky box in to the cupboard. Will involve buying the original remote eye thing again, the one I bought by mistake and returned before we had Sky...

Enjoying having Sky plus, not realy got enough time to watch it all though. Not sure paying the extra for the HD is worth it for us though there's not really a lot of content filmed in HD, but not sure how easily I can downgrade my sky package now. It's only an extra tenner a month wasted.

The boy is sleeping better, and going to bed more quietly now than he was earlier in the week. He is still a smasher.

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