Blog2010 ≫ Heavy snow here last night

so working from home today. Not as much snow as they were threatening though...

It stopped before we went to bed though, so not as much snow this morning as I was expecting. Enough to stop me going to London though, can't risk getting stuck there today especially as we have no hotel booked.

Got stuck on our road on the way home yesterday, tried to drive up Alexandra Corniche, and got part way up before the wheels started spinning and I started sliding back down the hill... luckily no other cars around, I managed to turn around and slide back down the hill forward. Went round to the other end of the road and all was OK.

You're right @davebraines, tonights peep show is something that happened to me, but I can't be the only person to get stuck in an airlock like that... On the subject of peep show we watched Magicians1 last night, the David Mitchell and Robert Webb film from 2007, and it was great, bit cheesy and not as good as you would expect after watching Peep Show but we loved it.

Working from home today.

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