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Walk home from work today wasn't so dark, not pitch black anyway, not sure if that's the position of the moon or something, or that it's really getting lighter. We went to the office at the weekend, so I could show Clare where it was, and we saw a rabbit, or maybe a hare, as well as the usual sheep. This morning I saw a flock of brightly coloured finches too. Proper countryside, lovely.

Weekend was a full round of pubbing and things, down The Harbour on Saturday night, good to see it getting busier again, and Chambers quiz on Sunday. A rare night out indeed! Thought we might have done OK in the quiz, and we did come third out of lots and lots, but we were still twelve points or so behind the winner.

I'm being amused every day at the moment by a huge poster for "Carling 2%" outside Folkestone train station, with the slogan "the swift one at lunch pint". It reminds me (every time) of Al Murray being a guest on the morning show on XFM, so back when I lived in London, in New Cross I think. Carling sponsor absolutely everything, and they were sponsoring something on the show, maybe giving out tents in time for Reading festival or something. Al Murray, in character said "Carling, that's a drinking and driving lager", and was hurriedly hushed up by the host. Well it amuses me. We used to have to pussyfoot around them in a previous job of mine too.

Speaking of weak beer though, I heard a rumour that Old Speckled Hen1 had been enweakened by the brewery. It always was a bit of a headbanger, but this might explain why I wasn't very drunk on Saturday, despite drinking 'Hen in The Ship. I was less drunk than my two companions, who insisted on a kebab on the way home anyway, disgraceful...

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