Blog2005 ≫ Weak roundup

Aargh, had loads of things I wanted to write, and I can't remember a word of it now. It was going to be a big eloquent post today, proper blogging, but now it's just going to be a scattering of mostly unrelated paragraphs.

Joined the Amazon rental scheme in the end, and we've had our first delivery, the first two disks of Angel season 2... it's 65.59 at the time of writing, which was a bit steep for us, so we're getting the series for under a tenner. Off to Folkestone this weekend and we'll be able to watch it all on our smart new DVD player.

Enjoying Desperate Housewives though they have an odd Sex and the City thing going on with their posters, which are everywhere... all the women look a bit odd and rough in the pics, why would they do that? What's going on with Teri Hatcher in this picture? Actually they all look good there, but blown up to billboard size, blee...

Doing some recoding of my message board / blog software, and this is my testing ground before releasing it live on and our intranet and things, so apologies if this breaks. Speaking of apologies, I have sent letters today to the other flat owners in our block, saying there's scaffolding going up soon... I hope they're OK with it and don't try and stop the work going ahead! They wouldn't, would they?

Speaking of work, DERRR! Unless you're completely anonymous (and most bloggers are far too vain) you can't afford to write unpleasant things about the people in a position to cause you problems.

The royals, don't you just love 'em? Hmm the Currant bun1's cover image isn't being duplicated online right now...

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