Reading Festival

Reading Festival

I think this is my first non Reading Festival bank holiday weekend in ten years, poor Cinderella left at work. Got only 3.5 days holiday left to last all year, might have a weekend in France next month, and might need some to pad around Christmas... Looking forward to my Christmas Eve down The Delme, Fareham, hopefully old friends will be there...

Enough about Christmas, as predicted The Darkness dominated the Kerrang Awards, and also "Lapdance Island" is a hoax, cuh who'd have thought it.

Today's tasks, Barfly development, popex admin, and trying to uninstall something called Virtual Bouncer... I read this week that Private Eye gave a bit of a kicking to a paper that kept mentioning Google. I like The Eye, but a bit harsh for sure, Google is a SMART product1....

Mostly looking forward to going to the Fig Cafe this weekend, though tonight we will possibly be watching Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers as our local video shop (cough on Stamford Hill cough) has got it in early...

  1. Wow this didn't age so well, me defending google against Private Eye
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Fri Aug 22 2003

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