Blog2011 ≫ Brilliant weekend

Had a really good weekend, topped off by a fine run back, record time I think. Just put the boy to bed, now back to fill in our census and watch the last two episodes of The Killing.

It was a near perfect weekend, if I try and detail how nearly perfect it was though I'll just focus on the things that stopped it being perfect and I'll sound like I'm complaining. One thing though, bad back, think I hurt it a bit carrying the boy round the block just before we left, it has not been right all weekend. Pain killers keep it at bay for a bit though. Secondly, we did not win the Euro millions rollover, though to be fair we did not buy a ticket, so could not really complain. Thirdly we tried to go to Manor Farm, we went to Manor Farm, but it was shut.

Starting at the weekend though, very good run down to Portchester, the A3 was pretty good and the boy slept most of the way, and was good for the rest of it so a really pleasant journey, we did not even need to stop. Had lunch at Mum and Dad's, great to see them both right away as Mum had the day off and Dad finished work at lunchtime. Had a nice night in Friday, then headed out for the day Saturday. Tried Manor Farm as it looked good, but no joy, does not open fully until this week, so while it's a great huge country park the important bits (the gift shop and the cafe) were not quite ready for us. So we headed off through Leigh Park to Staunton, another farm based day out and met some friends there and had a lovely time. The play area was good, the cafe was good, and the plants and the animals were all nice too. We did a bit of investigation while we were there too, kind of. The nephews had a pet pig until recently, a micro pig called Lottie. Or so they thought. She'd got a bit big for their garden so they gave her to Staunton to look after, we did not see her in with the other pigs so asked about her. Turns out she was a he, and not a micro pig at all (there is possibly no such thing as a micro pig anyway) he'd got too big even for the farm so they'd sent him somewhere else with more space. Hmm, they did have ham on the menu in the cafe, I am still suspicious.

Saturday night we'd always planned to go out in Fareham but changed from just pubbing to getting some food, and ended up with everyone coming out for dinner at Antonio's (tapas) and us spending nearly the whole evening around the table. Lovely! We did pop to The Crown for one before heading home.

Lunch the next day was great with everyone, the boy ate a huge amount of roast dinner. Shame to have to leave at all, but we headed off straight after dinner. Another nice sunny day, a bonus as the weekend was not supposed to be all that.

Last thing to complain about is nothing to complain about at all; I thought some combo of Picasa and our camera had eaten all of my photos of the weekend, but crisis averted - the pictures are safe on the computer, in the right folders, Picasa is just not showing any of them for some reason. So we are good, I think I got some nice ones of the peacocks.

Run back was as I say brilliant, did not need to stop really but we did to wake the boy up again so he'd sleep in the night. Apart from that a record time run, about two hours twenty.

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