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dj BC presents The Beastles1, more mashups... I'm guessing these won't stay up long, I heard the A Night At The Hip-Hopera is gone already, though there seems to be a bit more rebellion regarding hosting copyrighted material... DJ BC says "These mash-ups were made for fun, and as a demonstration of my remixing abilities. The copyright to these source recordings is retained by the original copyright holder. By downloading these tracks you agree to delete them within 48 hours" as if that makes it OK. Even Dave Winer2 played a Beatles song on his podcast saying people should buy the track from iTunes3 if they like it. I could be wrong (not used iTunes store) but I don't think there are any Beatles tracks available, and probably permission should remain with the copyright holder, not just anyone who has the means to redistribute it. Maybe now suprnova.org4 and the like have been shut down5 we'll see more of this rebellionism. Or maybe The Man will just go after the most vocal types. Lock up all the podcasters, that's the way! I'm cancelling my subscription to all shows except Engadget6 and Coverville7, the rest (even the big names) spend too long going on about what a great new microphone they've got. Might give this one8 from vegan.com9 a trial though...

Anyway, Beastles tracklisting is:

  1. Whatcha Want, Lady?
  2. Tripper Trouble
  3. Mother Nature's Rump
  4. I Feel Fine Right Now
  5. Sure-Bla-Di Shot-Bla-Da
  6. Mad World Forever
  7. Word To The Mic
  8. Root Down Reprise
  9. Hold It Together Now

Via boingboing.net10.

Uninstalling Firefox download status bar plugin11, doesn't seem to stop the pop up download window, and the status bar is getting big now... maybe will install a new version later... after I get this great new microphone working properly crackle...

Update: There's one Beatles song in the iTunes store. Maybe this is how they keep their prices so high12...

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