Blog2010 ≫ Not the best start to the day

Harry spewed massively in the car this morning :-(

Day off for me, spending it with the boy, and because it was snowing we drove Clare to work. The boy was eating an apple, I think a bit went down the wrong way, so he coughed, spluttered, and SPEWED hugely in the car. We had to pull over a bit sharpish and try and clean him up, before carrying on with Clare to work. At least I don't have to think about what I'm doing today now, spent this morning cleaning up and bathing him. Still got the car seat to disinfect :-( Started painting the kitchen yesterday, the bit I've done looks good but I don't think I will get any more done today.

Off to Sing and Sign today, could do with it being snowed off really, but it's not likely. It was sjust snowing heavily again for a while there, but this morning's snow has all melted, and now the ground seems to wet for it to settle. Sounds like some people didn't make it in to work today though, maybe it is snowier coming in from other directions. Bright and sunny here now.

This Friday is 6 Music's (or at least Steve Lamacq's) wear a band t-shirt to work day again. Will anyone notice this year?

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