Blog2011 ≫ TV

This week we have watched new crime show Death In Paradise and Ricky Gervais // Warwick Davies comedy Life's Too Short. The former is nice and gentle and very guessable, a Caribbean Midsomer Murders, but enjoyable enough. The latter is very funny, sounds a bit like he really really wants to make jokes about dwarves and the only way he can get away with it is to have Warwick Davies deliver them.

Also got Bored To Death queued up, this is a great american series. I love TV me.

Nothing else to report that is not TV related. I am hard at work writing unit tests for my code, and finding my code does not pass the tests, so having to recode it. Hoping this does not turn into too unwieldy a job.

Clare has been sewing the last couple of evenings, making the boy a spotty outfit for nursery tomorrow, they have a spotty theme for Children In Need.

No TV tonight, I am going out of the house, off to Escondido with the NCT dads for a meal.

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