Blog2009 ≫ Evil weather here today

Still, nearly the start of a long weekend for me!

Properly dark and grey and really limited visibility on the roads, not nice at all. Quite a contrast to the tropical weather Folkestone has enjoyed recently.

Very busy at work still at the moment, a few big projects on the go, looking forward to them being completed so we can get on with some interesting new work. Not that big project is not interesting.

Weekend starts very early for me, at lunchtime tomorrow, as we're off to see Ricky Gervais tomorrow night. Looking forward to that! By we I mean Clare and I and Kez and Dez, not The boy.

Trying to figure out where to meet up with friends next weekend, where on earth do people go to socialise when they have kids? Taking into account the weather will probably bad, we can think of nothing so far except maybe bowling? Any suggestions?

Had a bit of a burst of ebay links just recently, too much furniture, yeah boring. Will try and lay off it for a while.

[ticket]Ricky Gervais[/ticket]

💬 Ricky Gervais in Portsmouth

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