Clarke Family Tree

Clarke Family Tree

This site is home to [my blog](/blog/" title="Weblog, here, read it, see what I'm up to), with links to all the stuff I like. It's all about me, my lovely wife Clare and our beautiful boys... Also the usual stuff, work, TV, home brew, home automation, diy electronics etc. Hmm is some of that not usual? Well I'm really into it right now.

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Looking for Stoke Newington or Folkestone info here? Man alive you've been coming here a long time! Best off heading to <a href=" the blog or following one of the "latest posts" links for non genealogy related content.

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Thu Jan 09 2003

Paul Clarke's blog - I live in Hythe, Kent. Wed to Clare + father to two, I am a full-stack web engineer, + I do javascript / nodejs, some ruby, python, php ect ect. I like pubbing, running, eating, home automation + other diy stuff, history, tree stuff, TV, squirrels, pirates, lego, and TIME TRAVEL.