sandgate in people, prose and poems

FG ≫ 2010 ≫ sandgate in people, prose and poems

This Wednesday (10th) sees the compilation I have put together called Sandgate in People, Prose and Poems at the Chichester Memorial Hall. It starts at 7:30 and consists of three voices. As well as mine there are Sue Blakesley and Ken Colley. There has always been a chance that Ken would be called away for filming but it's looking pretty certain that he'll be there. Ken played Admiral Piett in two Star Wars films and recently played the Duke of Edinburgh in one of Chanel 4's The Queen series. Sue is a graduate from the Folkestone University Drama Degree Course so I'm working with a great team (I'm not trained but I once said hello to Kenneth Moore outside the Odeon cinema in Folkestone!).

As well as the old favourites associated with Sandgate I hope I have found some less known facts - what, for example, has the Hudson Guild Theatre in New York got to do with Sandgate? Following a brief introduction, the evening starts with a short audio video.

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