Blog2007 ≫ Tip top weekend

For a change we didn't go to Canterbury, though we will be again this weekend. Made a proper session of it on Saturday to celebrate Clare's brother Kev's visit from the Miami. Lunch in Escondido, then a crawl around Hythe taking it (at least) The Bell, The Butt Of Sherry and Everest for a curry, then back to ours for some carefully non noisy pool playing.

This weekend ought to be a good one. It's kind of starting already, today, Tuesday, with a visit to The Ship Inn for the quiz. Hey, are you reading this and planning to come along with a print out of this page or anything? Why not say hello! Tomorrow: no plans, but Thursday we've got the afternoon off for a trip up to London to see an episode of QI being filmed, then also got Friday afternoon off for the long weekend to start in earnest with another trip to Canterbury. Dinner atAbode will be part of the plans, dead posh us.

Lunch is good this weekend. I made a monster casserole at the weekend, and some garlic and rosemary potatoes, and divided up a portion for every day this week.

Work is going well, if it was ever possible to do too much javascript, this might be it however, I'm getting a bit fatigued.

javascript: Programming language of the web, mostly how I make my living.

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